You are single and would like to find the right match? It seems difficult to find the one, but while you are out searching, it really helps to prepare that space in your life.

Check in with your expectations, heal from experiences and learn what you are truly seeking in a partner.

I provide guidance through this process so when the right person comes into your life, you are ready and prepared to build something meaningful.

(1 hour coaching costs €50,-)

Zero to Hero Dance workshop
Erik Nieland - Dancing Couple


Good relationships look like effortless beauty from the outside, but everyone on the inside knows, that getting and maintaining them is hard work. It’s good to invest that time and effort though, because few things do as much for personal happiness as feeling safe and loved.

An outside perspective and a listening ear are a support we all need sometimes. Learn to use the power of dance to reconnect with each other physically and emotionally. Get the support you deserve, to create long-lasting and supportive relationships in your life, to feel you can be accepted just the way you are.

(1 hour coaching costs €60,-)