Try it out now, the fun and easy way to learn dancing!

Hey, I’m Erik and I believe dancing is a human right.

Dancing makes us healthier, happier and more connected. The urge to dance might have even existed in us before we evolved into humans. Even babies know how to bop their heads to the beat at 5 months old. It’s in our blood, and it’s what makes us feel proud, majestic, connected and sensual. We connect with ourselves and others in ways that you can’t even fathom right now (or maybe you can, in that case I suggest you my course Advancy Dancy). 

Join my insane dance classes, take your pick, start at whatever level you want, whether you have never danced before or are an advanced dancer, and join the hundreds of people I have taught over the last decade. Want to get a zero to hero dancing boot camp? Learn to discover your own sensuality? Find out how to thrive on the dance floor as a gentleman?
Learn how to dance differently, putting the FUN in FUNdamentals.

You think dancing might not be for you? 

You are in luck today, because my teaching style is a whole different ballgame.

Do these worries sound familiar?
“I stumble over every foot in my vicinity, even my own!”
“I keep forgetting the steps and routines!”
“I don’t ‘have rhythm’!”

This is NOT your fault.  
I promise that every human has what it takes to dance. Every. Single. One.

If other dance classes make you learn vocabulary by heart, my dance classes are about speaking the language from day one. Sounds scary? Open your mind and go on a journey from “I stumble over my own feet” to “I was born to be on this dance floor”? See for yourself!

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Erik Nieland - FUNdamentals

Do you want to shoot for the stars with your dancing? Personal feedback and solutions tailor made for you.

Relationship Coaching

Happy couple at a wedding

Relationships are an important part of our lives, if you struggle maybe I can help you bring a spark back into your (love)life.


Blues and Lindy workshops

Zero to hero for complete beginners who just want to dance.Blues/lindy/fusion up to advanced levels.

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Online Classes


Dancing is more than just steps and routines. See what is on offer.


Lindy Hop

See where I will be teaching in real life and what is happening Online.

Erik's classes have shown me new ways to discover my own inner badass, on and off the dance floor.
Nina Pritz
Erik teaches the essence of dance - right from the beginning. He brings you to the heart of your movement. He has a deep understanding and feel for human dynamics and creates a safe space for exploration.
Stefanie Buller
Movement Coach
Getting me off the couch and into my body and mind has never been easier. You have opened my eyes in what dancing can be. *translated from German

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